What is it with challenges nowadays?

Today everything seems to be a challenge. Bootcamps, quests, marathons, fun-a-thons and so on.

What is it that make challenges so attractive?

I used to feel they were nonsense, a bunch of people just doing stuff.

Then, I started instructing myself and found the book Reality is Broken the author mentions he was stunned at a 2009 Games Developers Conference when he saw so many presentations for: “Games for personal and social change”, “Positive impact games”, “Social Reality Games”, “serious games”, etc.

What is it with challenges nowadays?The impact of finding purpose on games, suddenly got him to make his vision to see a game developer win a Nobel Peace Prize in the next 20 years.

Why is it that challenges get us so engaged?

I think games and challenges trigger our inner competitors, who want to be a loser?

I experienced myself at a few weeks ago when trying to do exercise 3 days in a row in a group.  The people who read my latest stories know about my pull-ups challenge improving 1% a day.  It is obvious I am not a fitness guy.

But, In the group, all signified different.

The charge was led by  CJ, a storyteller and fitness entrepreneur.

The first day, the workout was supposed to be 5 rounds of different sets of exercises. I did only one set, I couldn’t breathe anymore but I stayed with the group.

On the second day, I was committed and I did the 5 sets.

The third day the same.

It was a challenge, I wanted to beat myself.  Get better than yesterday!

Back to the games, they also have points, levels, challenges, quests.

The player needs to sharpen his or her skills to be able to progress.

I was never a game fan but now I can see games as a way to engage, connect and even build communities around them.

The big challenge is to design a meaningful transformational game to make the world better.  One person, one family at a time.




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