Back in 2012 I met who would be my first client.

I was inexperienced, she didn’t trust anyone.

In my evening walk I noticed a For sale by Owner sign.

I never met her before but next time I passed she was getting out, and we engaged in a conversation.

Boy, she was pissed.

– I am removing the sign, she said. I am not selling anymore!

Then, she started telling me all the stories.

“One guy told me that I had to sign with him because he was the best. Another lady knocked on my door and asked to see the house, and she wouldn’t leave until I signed the listing contract.”

– What is wrong with these people?, She asked.

Hesitant to mention I was a real estate agent, I was bluntly honest and answered:

– I really don’t know why people act that way. I am also a real estate agent and I just got my license.

She looked with some distrust, like she was expecting me to do my sales pitch.

– I am still learning about the business, I don’t have much experience but I heard that selling your house on your own can be difficult.

-Yes, I know she said. I am removing the sign.

She then invited me to tour the house, if I cross paths with a buyer.

There was her Mom. A gracious 80-year-old woman, smoking, talking a lot.

-“I told her, she needs to sell”… Mom said.

But my client was hesitant.

She bought the house when she was newly wed, raised 2 kids but at some point divorce happened.

As I tell in my book, ( the technical part of selling a house is easy. Letting go the emotions is not.

She finally showed me the house, nice layout but needed lot of tender loving care…

A few weeks later I passed again by her house. She stopped me and asked:

-What do I need to do to sell my house?

I was rattled, I wasn’t expecting that.

My mind starting shouting me: “You never sold any house, you don’t know what contract to fill, etc”

But again, I was honest.

-As you know, this will be my first sale. I will call my broker and I will have everything ready to start tomorrow.

So I did, I called and got the proper contract signed.

I gave my new client some to-dos. Repair a few things, paint some walls. The bare minimum.

We listed at a competitive price and had lots of activity on the first week.

When I called her on Monday, she answered crying:

– Mom died Miori, I don’t know what I will do.

That call lasted about an hour. She was devastated, she loved her mom so much.

I felt powerless, a wake up call. We can leave this world in a moments notice.

-“Now I need to sell urgently, Mom ran the business I need money.”

That afternoon we went through a few offers, and we signed a good cash contract.

But the following morning, I got an unexpected call.

-“We need a court order approving the sale”, said the title officer.

What does it mean?, I asked. – We need to help this woman close asap.

-“There will be a probate, it can take 6 months to a year to get that court order to approve the sale”.

Those were the longer 6 months of my life.

Every day, she will call me:

-Miori, when are we closing?

I had no news for her. But anyway we talked. I listen to her for hours.

It took longer than I expected, It was heartbreaking but at the end she was really grateful.

Sometimes unexpected events can strengthen a relationship.

In this case, I started with a neighbor and finished with a friend.

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