I have been the whole day watching at this screen…

Thinking….what should I write about?
Maybe about commitment, what inspires commitment?
The thing is I don’t feel like writing today.
Don’t know why but today is one of those days nothing comes easy.
Then, I accessed the portal I share with the entrepreneur storytellers from Tahoe(https://miorinet.mystagingwebsite.com/new-beginnings/).
Reading those stories got my brain in overdrive…
I will definitely write about commitment.
All of us have crazy schedules but they are writing stories and I am thinking about not to?
Now, not writing is not an option.
As I keep thinking, I finally got it.
It is not just about will power, nor because you are a hero.
One day, you are that hero and you inspire the community. But tomorrow the hero might be somebody else.
Together we thrive and the community excels.  A good community is always more committed than just one person.

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