People often ask me what is my story.

Here is the short version of it.

As an infant, I experienced immigration.

How come?

My dad got a job in Brazil.

I still have my best friend there and collected tons of amazing stories.

Still remember, the rides to preschool, playing with my grandpa the day my sister was born, riding carts on the street and many more.

A rough move back to Argentina, suffering watching the “gray panther”.

It was supposed to be pink like in Brazil, but in Argentina we didn’t have color TV.

I survived my teenage years there.

Got in love, after a few years got married, graduated from college, and I was blessed with two beautiful daughters.

But not everything was peachy.

Created some electronic products to sell, the economy crashed and was cheaper to import than to produce it.

Open a store, failed.

Got a job in a factory, got fired because I argued with a security guard.

-What should I do?

One day at one of my classes at college a friend of a friend come up to us and say:

— There is an opportunity at the bank, come tomorrow to the interview.

So we did, and they hire all of us!

I learned a lot and after a few months I got another great job offer.

But tired of Argentina’s economy my wife and I said:

Let’s go wherever we can find a job!

I made the call to a previous manager.

— Hey Valentin, anything I can do in Mexico for you?

After some back and forth he hired me to help fix a few issues there.

So we pack up and left.

I learned about the amazing Mexican culture, met some awesome friends and got our son.

Few years later we sold our house and were supposed to move to Miami.

Some attorney’s glitch got us stranded in Argentina for 2 years.

Finally, we landed in Miami in 2008.

Just in time for the crisis, right?

I was working at a great corporation but soon my position was no longer available.

I knew this was coming and already had my real estate license.

After receiving a few job offers for half of my monthly expenses, I saw there was no coming back.

I have to make it on my own.

So I did. Now I am accountable for my successes and failures.

My identity was forged through the years with persistence, self-reliance and an extremely rich culture blend.

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