Someone questioned me yesterday If I don’t get tired of writing stories.
My answer: “No, Not at all”
I love the writing process.
And most of all, the impact I see and the insight I gain from others points of view.
My purpose with creating the stories is to connect and inspire.
Connect with people through genuine life experience.
Instead of shallow links, images & video shares.
I am tired of seeing self-proclaimed gurus that agitate the pains people have only to teach  “the secrets”  for a few bucks.
They get millionaire, people get stuck on their problems.
Writing stories helped me also with discipline and priorities.
When I sit and reflect, it is like meditation.
Great ideas come to my mind.
My ultimate goal is to create a Helpful Tribe  around distinctive values.
I burnout when I cannot write my story because I drove all day to do boring tasks.
When I get home, I enjoy the family, but I am tired.
I miss writing the stories on those days.
But as in everything you do, if there is a will there is a way.
It is a matter of prioritization and organization.  I will get it done.

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