Quit whining

Some people are just wired to win.  Other just to whine.

That’s what I thought when he stepped into my office.

-“I cannot pay my association dues, I wish I could get  as many listings as you do”.

For a moment I paused and think before responding not to be rude. But I couldn’t stop it. My verbal incontinency started…

-“Listen, this is not a part-time job.  You need to learn and treat it as a business.”– I said to him.

-“But, but…” …he startled…” Can you lend me the money to pay my dues?”, he said.

I know his financial situation is not good but he drives  brand new Mercedes C350 AMG and I don’t.  Besides that, every agent in the office would want to me to pay their dues.

So I responded: –“Unfortunately, this is not how it works., but I might have some options for you” and I devised a plan for him to make some money.

While I explained the plan, I was thinking about how people is taught and conditioned by their life decisions.

“I can do that” – he said after I finished.

But… -“Would he really?”

I don’t know for certain but people always have the choice.

You make the first step to your dreams when you take ownership of your actions.

If you want to do it, you can do it.

Take that first step and quit whining!




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