How many times we say “I am proud of you” to someone we care and are proud of?

Those 5 words are more powerful than you imagine.

Last Saturday my son played a soccer game.

Unlike Dad, he is good. He plays with intensity and technique.

He organizes the team and motivates them.

You can tell I am proud.

Coming back from the game, I told him:

-You played great but….

And I started to enumerate a few times he did not do great.

Soon after I said those words, I realized I was not the best parent around.

That “but”, if I only would shut up instead of saying “but”.

Or better yet just say:

Son, I am proud of you.

I decided I need to be more aware of my words.

Praise my son. Tell him more: “I am proud of you”

That doesn’t mean hiding the truth.

He did 200 plays perfect and screw up 2.

That deserves only a praise.

Lesson learned.

I will praise more when deserved.

My son, my daughters, my wife my agents.

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