Polite or Aggressive?

We can discuss it for years.

How would you raise your kids?

I heard many parents saying: –“They have to be aggressive or they will be losers.”

May be it is that they are so insecure that the only way to defend an argument is pushing it to the throat of others.

I have worked hard to grow my kids to be respectful but strong at the same time.

What is best?

Who knows, what I can tell is that if you come to me aggressive, you won’t get anything.

I think it is this culture of competing all the time that is killing us.

Before the end of last year, at my son’s school the director of curriculum saying:

-“This summer, we want the kids to go online every week to do homework.”

-“WTF???”, I thought.

-“It is proven that if you don’t do homework at least once a week you forget stuff.”, she continued.

-“So, what?, they will catch up eventually.”,¬†was my mental response.

Kids are kids, they should be enjoying their summer, making friends outside, not in the computer doing homework?

Then we ask ourselves? –“They don’t have any friends, they are all day in the computer.”

I am certain we could prevent a lot of the young students depression and unhappiness if we relieve the pressure.

What kind of parent don’t want his son of daughter to be happy?

Shouldn’t we let them be kids for at least a few weeks in the summer like most of us did?

A happy person is more emphatic and will get more in life than an unreasonable aggressive one.


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