New Beginnings

Last week I spent a few days in Lake Tahoe with a bunch of entrepreneurs on a storytelling retreat.

What??? Storytelling?

Yes, storytelling.

After talking with many of them I noticed a trend.  They are all fueled by the need to make impact in this world..

Take Chris Warren for instance,  his company?

Business of Dad.

After a painful divorce, he learned tough lessons, now he focuses in forging elite fathers.  Making better dads, improving their parenting abilities and more importantly, enhancing the lives of those kids with parents going through divorce.

Another case, the one of Chris Brisson,  CEO of and ping-pong mate at Tahoe, whom after successfully turning around his company’s destiny, now he focuses on helping burned out entrepreneurs to succeed with his “Second Chance Start Up” project.

For me the turning point was when I found myself looking for a job at my forties after giving my life  working days, nights, traveling with a handful of companies. Just the thought about the misery of unemployment made me sick.

I thought, –“What kind of father am I? Will I go through this or will I hide again in a 9-5 job?”

I promised to myself I would never depend on others again and it would be my quest to promote entrepreneurship and do whatever I could to prevent others from experience this. Specially my kids.

Now, I am still building my company and I feel proud of it.

At lunch today, Matt, a local business owner and a very good friend told me:

-“When I refer someone to you, I know you will take care of them, you know your stuff”.

This tells me I am doing it right, and encourages me.




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