It is such a conflicting topic.

“You have to do your bachelors, then you get a master degree and finish your doctorate.”, this teacher was recommending her students at a college presentation.

In my mind I was thinking: “Yeah, right and then you’ll be ready to get a job in Starbucks or McDonald’s at minimum wage.”

I recall about a decade ago I was interviewing candidates for a project management position. For those that don’t know project management is one of those professions that need well-rounded persons. It requires attention to detail and most of all superb communication skills.

The human resources assistant called that morning.

“Miori, I have a great list of candidates for the position, check your email.”  

I did, and I found 5 resumes.

All of them had bachelors, masters and 2 of them doctorates. One of them had some project management experience.

I called her and asked: –” Are there other candidates?”

-“Yes, but they have only bachelors and others only certifications”. she said.

She had just filtered the ones with less college education!

I requested all the resumes, reviewed myself and hired considering their qualifications and experience for the real job.

As you can tell I was never a fan of college.  I graduated as an Electronics Engineer but was more like a social challenge than a genuine interest for college.

People call me crazy but I envision a different world.

-“How would I describe it?”

Maybe something like this:

“I see a world where young adults can learn from a master, passing knowledge from generation to generation and it grows along with experience. I envision young man and woman taking ownership of their futures learning the trades, the tools to mastery and self sustainability.  A place where the natural evolution of learning is to share and make others grow. Masters are happy to share to their disciples, their pay is the disciple’s recognition.”

One of my purposes with this stories is to help develop that world.

Is it ridiculous?

I don’t know.

But what we know is that our new generations are getting wasted with debt and not being taught how to kick-off.

They are just waiting for someone to “give” them a job.

My grain of salt, just read this book I found at my late 30’s but wish I would read  back when I was 18. A book every high school or college student should read Never Get a “Real” Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke





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