Have you ever met one of those negative people that you can’t stand?

Well, she is the total opposite.  Since she was a little girl, our second daughter Priscila, is the light in every room. My shining star.

Supportive, full of happiness, and resourceful. Even when she said: -“Ahhh, I am so tired…”

One Saturday when she was five, the plum-tree in the backyard was full. House was full of bags and bags of plums.

She came to me and said:

-“Daddy, can I sell the plums in the park?”.

How could I kill her little entrepreneur inside?

Of course I said: – “Yes! Go ahead.”.

We lived in a gated community and the park was 3 blocks away.

There she was with 2 full bags of plums bigger than her, walking under the sun heading to the park.

In about one hour, she was back with all plumbs sold and looking for more.

You can tell I am proud, she is an example of intelligence, dedication and service for many.

Like this story, there are many examples that shows her character.

–    “I like to teach.” she said when asked to join the Future Educators of America Club in High School, a program that mentors elementary kids.

A remarkable mindset that will help transform this world.


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