I had two options when I started.

Rent or Buy.

But in Argentina, buy is almost never an option.

Unless your parents are rich and they buy you an aparment.

I never liked renting.

Living paying excesive rents, worry every year if the landlord would renew the lease or not.

Rent payments eating your salary.

That was not life for me.

This thinking is not new to me. I believed the same since I was 18.

When my wife and I decided to get married, we both decided that renting wasn’t an option for us.

We knew that once we started renting we would be renting for eve.

Unlike some of our friends, our parents were not rich to buy us a place.

What should we do then?

We invented a 3rd option. Let’s build our home!

I call it invention because we didn’t have money to build.

With some God’s help we found a piece of land in far far away place.

Almost all houses in the neighborhood were for vacations and weekend getaways,

People from the city would come over the weekends to the pool or for a good grilled meat.

We would live there all year round.

I would have to commute 2 hours in the morning and another in the evening but we would have a place of our own.

Now there was a problem!

We only had the land and no money to build.

But again, we didn’t want to pay rent.

Against all advice, we bought a pre built home.

My father in-law helped with the downpayment and we would do 36 monthly payments.

Each payment would be 1/4th the rent of a similar size house.

WIth the money we saved, we slowly started building what would be our real house in the front of the lot.

During the construction of the house we had a lot of help.

My parents, in-laws, brothers, friends.

Even my 4 year old daughter helped me do the plumbing one night after work.

it was 9pm, I have just arrived from work,

Grabbed a bite and was ready to head to the construction site to do the plumbing.

Concrete company would arrive in the morning.

-“I want to go with you Daddy, she told me.”

And she came and we finished around 3am.

I know some people wouldn’t go to all this struggle to have their own home. They rather rent for life.

But, I have no regrets about those days.

They helped me and my family to have a home.

And more importantly helped me forge as a young man, father and husband.

I learned the power of working a little bit each day towards a goal.

Make the plan and then focus on the task at hand without worrying on the future.

Here in the United States you can buy a house with little or no money but the moral of the story remains the same.

Start small and make your way in life step by step.

Remember, as easy as it is to get a house here, it is to get a luxury car.

And, If you are not concious you can get easily drown in debt ot living forever renting.

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