Measuring Success

The other day I was at a meeting and a group of persons where in a success contest.

-“To be a top producer you need to close more than 70 transactions per year.” said one.

-“Then I am well above said the other”.

Watching them got me thinking.

First, Why I should care about being measure on what others consider success?

and Second,

-“What is success?”

Providing for your family is a must and I don’t consider it success.  It is only my obligation, but on top of that obligation I see success is a lot of things.

On my son’s soccer game, another parent told me:  -“You are lucky to have your own company, you can enjoy all of your son’s games.”

To tell the truth, I do my absolute best to move the schedule around to be there as I would do if I had a regular job.

Watching my son grow as a dedicated, responsible, loving young man is success for me.

As is sharing projects with my wife or have a conversation with my daughters.

Success doesn’t come with luck, it is nurtured everyday with your actions and decisions over the years.

As Ray Dalio says in his book “Principles”, 

-“I was an ordinary kid in an ordinary house and worse-than-ordinary student”

and even so, he was able to build one of the most successful investing companies, BridgeWater that was able to predict the 2008 market collapse.

He passed through multiple challenging situations and successfully learned  from the failures devising a strong principle based decision system.

We all have different principles but it is important to have them and run our life by them.

Wouldn’t you agree?


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