A few days back a book was suggested to me. Title is LEARNING TO BREATHE FIRE, which is not very compelling. It is about the history and philosophy of CrossFit.

I am testing my endurance with this book. It has small print and I never was a fan of doing exercise just for fun. I do all my yardwork, cut trees, and move furniture but running like crazy or lifting weights never comes to mind. I only recalled CrossFit because there is a place with the name next to Publix where all of a sudden a bunch of people burst out of the place sprinting off to the street without checking for cars. Having read half of the book I am starting to understand there is a philosophy behind CrossFit. It helps me comprehend the sort of fanatic enthusiasm the people that practice it have. Even not being a fan of exercising the book got me inspired to do some exercise.

Last week I set up a challenge for me: “Do 10 push ups every morning no matter what for 7 days”

Don’t laugh please, it is a lot and not fun.

First day was almost impossible, the last 4 were painful, and I had no air and for the next 2 days the muscles around my chest were hurting.

6 days into it, now I do the 10 and no aches. I plan to keep adding more slowly but steadily and try to do enough exercise to keep doctors away.

No offense to my doctor friends, we can still see each other but outside of your offices!

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