I Can't Dance

It was Lucila’s 15th birthday party.

-“Please join me to present Lucila in society!”, said the master of ceremony.

I still remember I was focused on the 1,2,34…. square 1,2,34…. square….

-“Here comes Mom and Dad!”, he continued.

I knew the dreaded moment was coming at fast pace.

Once the master of ceremonies finished introducing the family he said:

-“Now, the daughter will have her first dance!”

Here I was, sweating. Music began to play…

In my brain I was searching for the 1,2,34…. square 1,2,34…. square….

I couldn’t find the pattern and, from the public humiliation, my head was about to explode.

-“Come on, get over it, dance!”, I said to myself.

I started 1,2….1,2 again,4,1,3,1,2,3,8…it was a mess.

Lucila, my princess, didn’t say a thing. But I was telling myself all the things she ought to be thinking.

-“What an embarrassment!  You can’t even dance  a waltz!”

After a few seconds, that looked like an eternity, grandparents were there to save the day.

My dad and my father in law gave master classes of dancing. They made it look easy.

But I learned my lesson: –“I can’t dance.”

Not to blame anybody… But I think it was the DJ, he played the long intro with a different tempo.

I like to say to myself: –“That was the reason, it is not that you have two left legs.”

Jokes aside, I think there is a lesson to learn.

When Lucila got married last year she told me:

-“Dad, we have to do the daughter and father dance again. This time we will practice more. P,ick up the song and let me know.”

What a tough task.

Then, I decided if I am going to get embarrassed, I will do it in my own terms.

-“We will sing along: Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine”, I told her.

“What@!!?”–  she said.

Me:-“Yes, It will be fun! We still have those plastic guitars from the 15th birthday. Let’s do it”.

We did it. It was fun… At least I had fun.

Another lesson learned. Be yourself and enjoy your life!



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