HOA Meeting Experience

– You never answer my calls!

Screamed one of the homeowners to the president of the HOA.

I really don’t blame him.  I have to attend HOA meetings frequently and end up dealing with this sort of characters often.

– I brought my friend the plumber and he knows what needs to be done!

She continues to shout, disregarding three other documented  plumber diagnostics the board had.

The president was slowly trying to explain the situation of the building and the plans the board was envisioning to resolve the issues of that condo.

– We have multiple leaks on the roof and defective plumbing overflowing gray waters on owners units, he said. – We plan to..”

But, guess what?

Every time he tried to start talking, this woman started bringing another unrelated item focusing on small details and preventing any other more educated persons to comment.

A few persons engaged in arguments with the “Screaming Lady” saying:

“Shut up, Crazy b…” while the rest of us were just looking at her with pity.

I don’t envy Board member’s jobs, it requires time, effort, patience and education.  The “Screaming Lady” ended up forcing the board to cancel the meeting and reschedule because they spent two hours just arguing.

She wasted our time and prevented the rest of the homeowners from getting the information to make a decision on time.

After “Screaming Lady” and most homeowners left, I grabbed the president  & treasurer.

In only 5 minutes, like civilized persons, they explained the options and we discussed my client’s position toward their proposals.

If you plan to attend a board meeting, you can learn a little from this one.

Just be patient,  listen and respectfully voice your thoughts.

Most of board members give their time and are well-intentioned.

Of course there are others that are not so altruistic, but for those you may need an attorney to deal with them. 😉


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