A few days ago I was at Starbucks working on a new product and Gus recognized me.

He must have tried a few times to get my attention because I only heard:

>Hey Miori, where are you?

Hey Gus, Sorry, some times when I get too focused it is like I am not there, I said.

People even get mad at me because I don’t say hi.

>What is it that you are so concentrated?

I am working on an idea to help people that is being harassed by a lot of sales calls.

>How come?

It happens after you have your house for sale and your contract expires or you have your house for sale by owner.

There are services that scrub the internet and get phones for seller, family members, sons, daughters…. everyone.

Then they sell the numbers to Realtors trained by the Guru Industry and their brokers to start calling them continuously to solicit business.

> Wuau, this is insane.

That is right, one of my clients told me once they call their 8 year old son.

> Now I understand, this needs to stop.

I agreed and our conversation derived to focus.

> How do you do to get so focused?

I close all my browser windows, email, Facebook & put the phone on do not disturb.

After that is all in. Nothing else in the world matters.

Usually chunks of 25-50 minutes and 5-10 minutes stand/stretch in between chunks.

> I have to try it. The hardest will be Facebook for me.

Do it for an hour a day for 3 weeks.

After that, it will require no effort. It will be a habit.

I lately discover the power of habits. Good and bad.

Whatever you do every day gets into your brain.

Feed your brain with good daily food and your habits will build yourself up.

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