Guilty as Charged

Guilty as ChargedI find annoying when I go with my family to a restaurant and I see on the table next to us, a family of  four and Dad, Mom and kids are all on their cell phones.

It is like they are plugged to the Matrix living an alternate life.

But, as much as I am annoyed, I confess I am guilty of some cell phone overuse.

To test it I did an experiment, I switched my phone holster to the left side for a few days.

What was the result ?

I found myself in more than a few occasions grabbing my belt on the right side… Looking for the phone.

I guess I could say to myself the excuse:

-“I need to see if a client sent me an email.”

But when you reach 3 times during a 30-second elevator ride it is a sign you are addicted.

So, now I know it.

-“My name is Miori, and I am a cell phone addict.” 🙁

Learning about it lead me to do some research and I found a lot of resources about cell phone addiction.

Self assessments to find your symptoms, physical and physiological effects and a bunch of studies and treatment options.


I wish I was always aware, it certainly affects my relationships.

What a shame when I found myself on the phone when my wife or my kids are talking to me.

Seems my addiction is mild and now that I am aware I can manage it better.




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