You likely know the proverb, also heard as: “Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.  It is often used to teach about how not to compare yourself with others and not to envy other’s progress, situations, or even life.

But, think about it, wouldn’t it apply for business or when you are facing challenges on a project?

You say to yourself:

– This is getting too difficult, let’s do it that other way.

Being ready to adapt and find other avenues is a good skill but are you doing it for the right reasons?

Or maybe,

You don’t want to do the work. You just think it will be easier because you didn’t do proper research on the new task.

I faced that decision many times. If you are an insurance agent, a real estate agent, or any other sales professional you know what I am talking about.

Just scrolling your Facebook timeline you see it on every other post.

All tempting offers, the holy grail:

Free book:  How to be a millionaire in real estate doing flips, just come to our free seminar.
Free seminar to get rich trading stocks with my secret process.
Zillow leads: Pay $500 a month and I will give you buyers ready and pre screened
Get contacts of people ready to sell their homes.
I confess, I succumbed on the temptation. I paid for Zillow, I assisted to those seminars, always looking for greener pastures.

But I learned two lessons.

First,  I have to think.  If someone knows how to be a millionaire doing flips or trading stocks, what is their interest in teaching it?  After attending some of this seminars I learned.  It is almost impossible to leave their seminar without buying the course, the tickets to the all hands on deck weekend, they have you do, find the deals and they make money financing, etc.

I am not saying you cannot make money with all those things but it can only happen with the second lesson I learned:

Any endeavour I start will take hard work and commitment.  Greener pastures will appear in sight and I need to learn to collect my crop before moving to other fields.

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