Tommy Baker in the 1% Rule book( introduces the concept of deep work.
He means large chunks of time of uninterrupted focused work. Typically 25-50 minutes and some time to rest.
Last tuesday I got into the office around 9am and starting working in the latest project I envisioned.
When I noticed, it was 2pm, I didn’t have lunch, coffee or nothing.
I was back into the living world, I felt hunger and a desperate need of a bathroom break.
May be that is too deep of a work, but when I get passionate about something I go all in without even noticing.
My friends often ask me about hobbies trying to relate to passionate activities.  Unfortunately or not, I don’t have only one.
I am passionate about Aviation, Human relations, psychology, Businesses and the importance of the family in our society.
Nothing else?
May be, but those are the ones come at the top of my mind.
In particular this Tuesday I was working on my company’s documented approach.
What does that mean?
It is documenting the way you assure your clients you produce a consistent result time and time again.
In the past, I relied solely on my ability.
That is good but as my company grows I need to put in writing.
Kind of a program for my operations and agents team.
A program they can run every time they need so they produce the same result I would have produced with my expertise.
-“Why are you doing this?,   you are teaching others your secrets.”, a person from the chamber told me.
-“It is my way to leave a legacy and help others”, I told him.
I am still debugging the program but I am excited and passionate about it.
Wondering the impact this project will have in my company and the community.

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