After I wrote about my thumb injury, I started reflecting. Why wouldn’t you go to see a doctor if you needed. I then remembered one

Absent Presence

Did you ever notice you are in a place with people and you suddenly regain consciousness?  Not the Socratic transcendental definition of absent presence. Just

65 Stories

I would never imagined 2 months ago when I started my 90 day immersion into Storytelling that I would have written 65 stories by now. The

Bloody Cut

While I was doing the frame for my wife’s latest oil painting (https://vanesamiori.com/2018/11/celebration/), the frame slipped and the V-nail sliced my right thumb in two.

The Resulteers

The Resulteers Back in 2002, in Mexico, I was in charge of a big bank’s entire web infrastructure. We were having a big machine power

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