Can't comment until I experience it push ups

I recently read a book about the history of CrossFit.

The friend who recommended it told me:

– “It is a great read, it applies not only to fitness but business.”

I was very hesitant about reading it.  My mind was telling me:

-“What in the world can you learn from a doing weights or running??”.

During my reading I started to gain  curious about fitness and how people got so motivated to do it.

Last time I did sports or any formal physical activity was in high school

Curiosity was big enough to challenge myself to do something audacious:

-“Let’s do 10 push ups a day and see what happens”

First day I did 7 and stopped. Second day, 7 again. I couldn’t keep going.

By day number five I did 10 and for 2 weeks I have done 10 every day.

From the book, I know CrossFit is all about intense training.  Push your body to its limits.

I hear physical experts saying to me: –“It is at that limit when your body starts generating endorphins and the process of recovering the muscles burns fat”

-“What? I don’t like exercise. I am not going to torture myself.”, I thought.

But, to be honest, how can I comment about what would you feel if you never experienced going to your limit?

I challenged myself again to see how many push ups  I could do.

To my surprise I got to 15 with little effort.  16,17,18….

“ugh… my muscles hurt”, 

19… –“I feel the heat!”

I started going up for my 20th, slowly, my arms were on fire. I was slowly moving up but was not going to give up.

“Twenty!”, I shout and rolled on my back.

I could feel the air feeding my lungs and my muscles getting the oxygen from the blood.

My brain seemed more alert, I got more energy!

I don’t recall feeling this since my high school PE classes, the feeling brought back the memory.

If you are a fitness fan, maybe you are laughing about my 20 push ups.

For me was a conquest, a victory.  A reminder that one should only compete with oneself.  In fitness or in business.

Be better than your yesterday’s self everyday.

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