American Airlines

There was a time in 2007 that I spend so much time flying  in American Airlines that I thought I had to change address.

Every sunday evening I was on AA908  headed to Miami and after a long week. I spent Friday’s nights on AA907.   I knew the flight crew, the airport staff, and everyone around.   It is nice to get into the plane and someone greet you: – ” Good evening Mr. Miori”.

It was a good time.  Meals in fancy restaurants, excellent hotels and had so many miles  I  almost always got to sleep on the comfortable business class seats thanks to the upgrades.

American Airlines

But not everything was great. There was this guy sitting next to me on the big American Airlines business class seats. He treated the flight attendant he was his personal slave.

-Bring me this….  bring me that… there is too much ice on the scotch.

After one of his complaints, he turn out to me and started talking:

-It is good that I got to get out of my house, the kids drive me crazy, my wife is a nightmare.

I was kind of surprised, and I just said:

– “Good for you.” and rushed to put my headphones, recline the seat and cover myself with the blanket to prevent any further conversation.

Laying in my seat, I started to think about all I was missing with so much travel.  Every saturday morning when I arrived home I saw my son growing up on the crib.  Only knowing about my family’s life because my wife was amazing and shared tons of pictures  and long phone calls in the evenings.

The ones that have read my book, know my life is nomadic and while I appreciate all the beauty of traveling and knowing different cultures, I missed  my family during this time of my life.

Meeting the guy next to me made me appreciate and love them even more.

So, who says meeting with someone so negative is bad?  May be not.  Use it to be grateful and count your blessings.

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