Hi, I am Jose Miori

I was born in Zárate, Argentina and have an extensive multicultural experience. As a young kid, I lived in Brazil 4 years. I learned to communicate in two languages at young age. Moved back to Argentina as a teenager to finish high school and college. Soon after, I married to my wonderful wife in 1994, and we started our family journey. I father two gorgeous girls and a handsome son. All of them are extremely accomplished in their own areas of expertise, hence making me extremely proud. Most of the credit should be attributed to Mom, but I believe I contributed a bit. As a professional, I have 18 years of working in the corporate world and as a result gained an awesome amount of experience in communicating with people. My work got me to Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States. In 2012, I decided to open my profitable business in Miami, Florida.

I’m a Born

Small little baby born in Zárate
Apr 20, 1971

My career started

Started working as a network consultant at the biggest national bank in Argentina
July 24, 1996

Relocated by Santander Bank to Mexico

A previous manager transferred me to Mexico to resolve a major IT issue. To accomplish the solution I had to lead an interdisciplinary team through the storm. Three months after I arrived the main problem was resolved.
Nov 24, 2002

Travel a lot – Director of Professional services for Latin America

I spent most of my time on American Airlines flights going around Latin America. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, us & Mexico. The job required selling, coordinating vendor teams to gather customer requirements and delivering complex solutions to mayor corporations through the region.
Jun 24, 2006

Business Owner

At the same time the most rewarding and challenging part of my career. Responsible for your own income you need to adapt and plan for the payday roller coaster. Successful planned and implemented different sources of income with proper sales pipelines and cash flow reports.
March 12, 2012

Communications Coach

As I got into reflection time of my life, I wanted to share my experience to help generations coming after me.


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