Reading the Yin-Yang’s Ancient History Encyclopedia definition, “The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites”.(https://www.ancient.eu/Yin_and_Yang/) made me think about self employment and its treats and threats.
On one hand is great to be able to accommodate to schedule to your priorities and on the other, you can be burned out on 20hs+/day workdays without properly designed efficient operations.
As an entrepreneur, you have infinite earning potential but also a big chance to enter into what I call BODM (Bank overdraft desperation mode).
The journey to success is a twirly road filled with experiences that will forge your character. Make you the person you need to be to walk the path to remove confusion and gain clarity.
After giving it a some more thought, as an employee you also have to walk your path.
I grant you, you could just hide behind a desk, do the bare minimum not to get fired and you still collect your paycheck every month.
But I know you are not that kind of person.
You would want to learn more, be effective, give the best you have for your employer. After all the he is the one that has the responsibility of coming up with the money for your paycheck every month. You and him are in the same boat.
I see it as a trade-off, you have your piece of mind, they have your time.
It is easy, you give up your infinite earning potential and fuel your company’s bottom line.
Having a Captain is reassuring, you know the boat is sailing under his command. You mop the floors, load the cannons and worry not.
Just don’t forget you could be walking the plank at any time without any notice.

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