Train your body to catch up with your mind…

Sometimes I wake early in the morning with a revolution of ideas…My mind is trying to put it all together but the tiredness prevails over my ideas and I fall asleep again. I find more productive to wake early and dump my load of ideas and thoughts before the day begins. It is a moment of induced solitude to reflect and put my day together. The body needs fuel and activity to run smoothly. Because all have different habits, some people like to wake up early and others to stay up late. I prefer the early morning and I must confess I am not a fan of exercise. I feel like a hamster on the wheel. During the day nobody can stop me but to just exercise… is not keen to me. I few days ago I started reading a book, “The 1% rule” by Tommy Baker, and part of the purpose of the book is to get you into action. So, why not to exercise while reading? I could never walk on the elliptical machine more than 2 minutes.(Not because I get tired. I get bored!!!). This morning I got the book, I started walking on the elliptical and before I could notice, 15 minutes passed. This was an eye opening experience, I found a way to exercise and learn at the same time!

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