To Quit or not to Quit.

Back in college days, there was this professor known for making students quit.  Rumors were everywhere. “He fails 98% of the students” said one of my buddies.  “We will never pass it” said another. Everyone was panicked about him getting your paper for grading.

It was tough because if you got to the “Filter” professor you already invested 5 years into a 6 year full time career and nobody wanted to waste all that effort.

I was at the final exam with one of my friends and he was a particularly scared.  I didn’t understand why, because he was one of those exemplary students that got A’ all around and was on target to finish the career in the planned 6 years.  I was studying while working,  my first daughter was already born and was into my 10th year in college with a huge backlog in exams. The professor handled out the exam. My friend checked it and he walked out of the room. 

Now I panicked! and thought: “If he gets out and leave, the exam must be crazy hard.”

But I didn’t have an option. I couldn’t go back home to my family tell them that I quit.  That I left the room without even trying.

So, there I was. With the paper in hand and wanting to escape from that room.  

It was then when I thought,  If I leave, I fail. But If I try to do the exam, I may fail. But I may not. 

I felt peace and focused in solving the problem.  It was a complete TV electronic circuit that that professor wanted us to find a lot of operating currents and voltages. Something we did at class but on much simple circuits.  It seemed impossible but I started to analyze the circuit and…

The very first component had a ridiculous value, with that value the TV won’t even turn on.  It must be a mistake in the paper I thought and with all my fear I called the “Scary Professor” and he asked me to go to the front alone.

OMG, my heart was pounding.

He asked: – What is it?

I responded: – The value of this component must be wrong, this TV won’t work no matter what I have on the rest of the circuit.  Is that value correct?

He smiled with a ” You got me smile” and put an A on my paper.

I couldn’t believe it, I passed the “Filter” exam with A and in 5 minutes!!!

This simple experience tough me a valuable lesson that I share below:

To Quit or not to Quit is your decision, many times the gold is just an inch deeper so keep digging.

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