There is always a reason to be thankful

As I grew, I tend to be more introspective.

In my young years I remember work, work, study and more work.

Home to work, work to college, college to home.

Friday’s evenings, work was don.

Waking up Saturday mornings to work in projects at home.

Now looking back, I remember and give thanks for all my blessings.

Watching my kids grow independent, kind & compassionate.

Sharing and executing ambitious projects with my wife.

All beautiful experiences.

But life isn’t over yet.

I am just more observant and aware of the moment.

I know, there are times we are so absorbed, worried or living situations we can’t enjoy.

If you are there now, just remember:

-This shall pass too.

Look up and around.

I am certain there is plenty to be thankful.

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