The Secret Ingredient is…

People often ask me:

-What is your secret?  How to you managed to leave a high pay corporate job and start your own business?

If you ever saw Futurama’s secret ingredient episode ( you know there are no secret ingredients.

There is always a hard truth.  In entrepreneurship as in corporate or regular jobs.

An old friend approached me a few years back and interchanged some opinions about owning a business vs. having a job.  Having a job gives him a sense of security, the perception that he will always get a paycheck every other week.

He didn’t understand why I would want to have a business instead of a regular pay.

But soon after that conversation, the company he worked for went through a mayor restructure and he was let go.

After almost a year and a half without a job. He told me one day:

-“I ran out of savings, 401k all gone, I don’t know what to do.”

Finally, he accepted a job that was not enough to pay the bills but was something. He continued to struggle for another year or so until he got a better job where he is now.

Our chat sessions now are more creative and he appreciates more entrepreneurship.  Enough to start a few side ventures himself. We discuss those eloquently every time we can.

There are really no secrets for being a business owner.

It takes lots of work, routine, discipline, creativity and some nights of stress thinking where the money for payroll will come to give security to your employees. 😉

But on the other side the rewards are immense.

You manage your schedule, your income is virtually unlimited,  you get the privilege to help others and….

You are your own boss.

Just be careful, you could be a tougher boss than a real boss.

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