Setting Course

Many people just wonder on life-like a sailor without a compass.

It is hard to make your mind if you are not clear on what you want.

Since I quit my job in Mexico, my path was very clear.

Get closer to the money.

Before, I was just a commodity.

An easy to replace piece.

I was good, they missed me for a few months.

But guess what?  The bank is still operating now.

I knew that If I was part of the team that generated the money, I would be better.

That is why I chose to join a sales team.

For a few years, the money was flowing.

While you meet your quotas  everyone is happy.

The “Everest Project” was the beginning of the end.

Ridiculous expectations got the team dismantled and we could never recover.

Then I did the greatest course correction.

Getting even closer to the money.

Start my company. That was in 2012.

2018 was they best year ever in the company and personally.

It pays to commit long-term to your course.

Growing 1% each day.

It is ridiculous to think you will get an overnight hit and be millionaire.

Behind every overnight success story is years of preparation and work.

Like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck when they wrote Good Will Hunting, it took them almost 10 years of knocking doors until they got produced.

After that, we know the story.  One hit after the other.

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