Rude vs. Smart 

Few people have seen me really mad.

I tell you, it is really very hard to get me off my mind and you don’t want to get me there.

But almost always I get what I want from situations without resorting to bad temper.

Reading FARNAM STREET’s post from today ( remind me of a story from my frequent flier days.

For 2 years, That was my life…

Sunday evenings, flight from Buenos Aires to Miami and Miami to wherever client was in Latin America.

Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico… you name it.

Friday nights, flying back home only to arrive in Saturday morning, see the family for the weekend and back to the plane on Sunday.

I was on my regular stop in Miami from Caracas, Venezuela, headed home in Argentina on a Friday night.

Boarded the plane and after a few minutes, PA said:

– Unfortunately the crew is not arriving and the flight is now canceled.

We were instructed to leave the plane.

When I was able to get out, I peek at the airline counter.

Looked like an angry mob….

— I demand to get on the next flight
— This is outrageous, scream another passenger.

The arguments were so out of line that employees couldn’t even work.

I decided to do different…

Sat on a quiet place and called American customer service.

-Good evening, Mr. Miori. How can I help?

After explaining the situation, I was confirmed on the next flight departing 1 hour later.

While this angry and rude passengers were still arguing, I was enjoying a glass of wine on business class.

Yes, I got even upgraded!

So next time you are on a difficult situation, just be smart.

Confronting does not bring best in people.

To the contrary, you will get the best result by collaborating.

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