Popcorn Out

When I started writing stories, I was compelled to do exercise and reflect on the power of being fit. I also mentioned I am not prone to hamster wheels.

Today my muscles are sore and it feels I ran a marathon. It hurts but I am doing something useful.

You might be wondering: — What did you do?

Instead of sitting on my couch spending hours watching episode behind episode on Netflix, I spent the weekend spraying and scratching the ceiling to remove the popcorn.

Removing that thing is the dirtiest job you can do at a house. First, you have to get a ladder and spray small chunks of ceiling. Then, you scrap with the spatula remove the white mud. Very carefully not to damage the dry wall.

Once I was done with the ceiling, I told my wife:

Popcorn Out

-“Now that we removed all the furniture, why don’t we change the bathroom tiles?”

She agreeed and then we kept adding stuff.

“We should add a drawer to the vanity, change the shower tiles and granite vanity tops…”.

A weekend project, turned in a month of weekends. At least. If the day is slow at work, I do my workout and demolish a wall.

The house looks like a battleground.

But it doesn’t matter. I enjoy doing stuff in the house and it is my way to keep my body in shape.

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