New Program For Part Time Agents.

If you are a Realtor, you likely receive the emails I do. Spam from all the Brokerages around.

They all offer to go to the moon and back for you. You get 100% commission, Training, Websites, Broker Support and Leads.

Hiring agents only because they have a pulse. Oohhh!, and a license.

Truth to be told, in the past I thought that was the way to go. I invested in tools, websites, leads, advertising, training, etc.

And many times, I stud alone in empty conference rooms after 10 agents confirmed attendance. Seeing technology platforms used by only a few. I gave away leads that would never be followed up. I spent weeks training agents only to learn all my techniques and get back to their old brokerage to use them.

Then it came to me. Alone in the conference room.

Why I should risk my company’s reputation, invest my time and money in something nobody wants?

Yes, every agent that will come to an interview will tell you:

— I need all of it. But wait, do I have to use the system?
— I am busy, I cannot call that lead now, may be tomorrow.
— I couldn’t make it to the training because I had to go to buy a car.

And I get it, when you are a part-time agent you have a lot of other responsibilities. Maybe you are driving a truck, teaching a class, in a busy medical office, you have to travel for work, who knows but those responsibilities bring food to the table today.

Don’t get me wrong,

I still have the 100% commission plan for agents that will qualify, but I am working on another plan based on what I have been successful.

A plan that will help agents with the real estate license but cannot commit to the profession 100%.

A plan that will allow them to make money, earn a residual income and have their clients happy to refer business to them again and again.

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