My First Sales Kick-off

It was January 2007.

And I was just hired by a public US corporation.

Kickoffs & Qs meant nothing to me.

It took less than a month to learn how important that was.

As any good professional would do, I did my research.

Read about the products, company history, mayor clients and lines of business.

I attended a presentation of our brand-new business development director, I thought I knew it all.

But soon I would learn I didn’t.

Our team sat all together in a table near the stage.

An old gentleman approached the table and asked me:

> Is this seat taken?

No, go ahead please seat., I said.

We established a nice conversation, he asked me where I was based, about my family, and we talk for about 5-10 minutes.

Then I asked:

— What about you? What do you do for PB?

While he finished a sip on his coffee, I perceived all my coworkers got silent and started staring at me.

-What did I say? — I thought.

Then the man smiled and responded:

> I am the president and CEO.

Suddenly all my face turned red and I panicked…

When I catch my breath again I said:

– I guess I should have known that, right?

> The man smiled, and told me not to worry, it is a big company.

It was a matter of laugh for years at my division.

Jose Miori and his mishap.

For me, the moral of the story comes back to planning.

You can do all the plans in the world but you are human.

You can always mess it up.

If you fall, just get up, dust off, stand tall and continue your journey.

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