Mind Fitness 

When I was a teenager, I was a learning machine.

I recall reading, programming and reading again until late nights.

My mom would come to my door and say:

-It is late already, you should go to sleep.

I didn’t want, I was working with an old man in an ignition system for racing cars.

Over the years, work and obligations took a toll on my ability to learn.

I got lazy.

Got home and preferred to watch TV instead of reading or learning something new.

But inside, something was missing.

I had to decide to become Homer Simpson, or grow.

Truth to be told, I was kind of forced.

If you are an entrepreneur, learning is a must.

So I started reading again.

3 books in the last few months after years without touching one.

It is the same with the push-ups.

Get 1% better each day. 20 Push ups a day, 20 pages a day.

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