Learn to practice patience

I remember those long road trips when my kids were young

Like Shrek’s “Donkey”, one after the other….

Pop(fish sound)….

Dad, Are we there yet?

No, still another 2 hours to go

After 10 minutes,


Are we there yet?

Sometimes I am Donkey too.

I get an idea and I want it to start making money right away.

But nothing is like that.

I have to chill and plan.

The book I read during my 90 day immersion… The 1% rule, was mind-blowing.

It revealed that you actually never get there…. It is an endless journey.

Once you get to the end of 90 days, you want to go to another place.

But I also learned that if I patiently progressed 1% every day, I could go places.

Just focusing on 1% of the journey every day inspired a complete transformation, mind, body, business and relationships.

I see my results on my writing, on my business and the quality of human connection I am receiving.

Sometimes, I need to breathe deep and relax to be patient but it is worth.

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