Job Opportunity – 5 years of experience

How many times you read this on job postings?

-“Certainly, a lot.”

I know it from firsthand, years of experience is overrated.(Read:

On my second job ever, I did only have a few months of laboratory experience in a product my prospective employer was in deep need of expertise.

That experience was enough to understand the terminology and big picture.

But my future boss kept telling me:

– “I need to hire someone with more experience”

Once he and I overcome our fears and move along,  we succeeded in making our bank the first one in Argentina to have distributed workstations on the branches without expensive IBM communication equipment.

REWORKAs the founders of 37Signals, creators of Basecamp say on their REWORK book(

-“The real difference comes from the individual’s dedication, personality and intelligence”.

In my real estate I see it every day, agents marketing their 20+ years of experience.

But… is it really relevant?

How could it help to have many years of experience if it is sometimes unethical, without dedication or if your best skill is to pester people by cold calling or doing unsolicited door knocking?

This doesn’t help. Neither them nor Real Estate reputation in general.

I rather have an agent in my office that is new with little experience but is committed to learn, to create deep relationships, to collaborate with the community and to put his or her client’s goals over their personal gains.

And for those agents interested in learning I create opportunities for them to grow.

For example the “How To Complete a Listing Agreement” ( walk-through.

It is based in tons of questions and incorrectly filled documents I see recurrently and create problems later.

Those problems affect clients that are ultimately persons that don’t deserve avoidable problems.

-“What happens if we don’t work on ourselves to prevent those problems?”

Our work and personal ethic suffers and generates confusion in the marketplace.

However, this is only my observation and opinion.

It is an individual journey. It was my choice. It is your choice.








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