It pays off

More than a month doing push-ups, finally paid of.

I got to 20 daily.

It is more than just a physical accomplishment
It teaches your mind.

-One, More!, just focus on finish the next.

– Done, you are one closer.

– Now just one more, come on, you can do it.

People laughed when I first posted that I could only do 7.

Many told me:

Why you even bother?

Because I believe in the cycle that makes a person healthy.

Developing every area of Body, Mind, Business and Relationships.

I believe in building, connecting and inspiring.

Body was never my stronger side, but I am committed to 1% daily improvement.

Like we do in business.

Lets at least walk 10 minutes, do it for one week. Then another week for 15 minutes and so on.

Get moving. Your body will thank you.

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