It didn’t happen overnight

I still feel like an 18-year old.  It seems it was yesterday.  Some aches and extra pounds to remind me it was not yesterday.

It was more like 18 + 30 years.  In retrospective, I am not anymore that young inexperienced person.

The 30-year journey took me through marriage, six jobs, three countries and three kids.

Along the way, I experienced the joy of starting my life project with the person I love and the marvelous experience of being a father.

The materialization of the intangible love.

My first WOW moment was coming back from work and college to feel my daughter’s small foot kick me when I touched my wife’s belly.

There were moments where I was wondered by the power to adapt the kids have.

For example, with only 3 years old my daughter switching her accent from “Argentinian Spanish” to “Mexican Spanish” when talking to her friends at her birthday party.

Of all the accomplishments I had during these years, the most exciting is raising my daughters and son.

They are the legacy I leave in this world.  I tell my stories for them.

Other people live for their careers working from 7 to 11pm.

But they give their children the latest iWhatever.

Then, they wonder why their kids dine with headphones or won’t drop the cellphone ever to speak with them.

I cheer proudly at my son’s soccer games.

I tell everybody, this is my daughter! At the flute concert.

Or, loved sharing the first college move-in  with my eldest daughter.

It is true, I am not a millionaire in money.  Not overnight but in 30 years I built this relationship with my kids.

When it comes to results in raising my kids, not all the credit is mine. My wife accounts for more than 90% of what my children are today.

Notable citizens of the world.  Decisive and compassionate.

My merit was to choose her. 🙂


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