Is your integrity worth $5,000 dollars?

Last Monday, one of my best clients called.

—” 545 NE 160th TE, is ready to sell. Please set a value and list.”

I went to the property, installed the lockbox and took a few pictures.

Not to many because I couldn’t breathe because of the smell.

Yes, it was that bad. The house needs a full rehab.

We listed and received 14 offers in 2 days.

After negotiating with some, we signed a contract for $5,000 more than asking price.

$20,000 more than the amount the seller was expecting.

But what angers me are agents like Jeronimo.

He sent me this on an email:

“You will notice on the contract that Ive left blank the broker/agent info, I do this on all the deals to give the listing agent the opportunity to act on my behalf so they can collect double commission even though Im licensed.”

Like Jeronimo, another 3 agents told me the same thing over the phone.

If I would accept their offers my seller would have lost $20,000.

I don’t like cheating on my clients. It is a principle.

But what I dislike more is to know there are others that accept those unethical proposals and deceive their clients.

I dislike because it supports the public perception real estate agents are all crooks.

We are not all like that. I know plenty of hard-working & honest agents.

This principle leverages more business than $5,000 to me.

Being the person of trust of that client made me more than $37,000 in commissions last year.

What do you think? Is your integrity for sale?

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