Internet, a Human Right.

It is not, and may be considering it a human right is a bit extreme. But, shouldn’t  it be?

To defend my argument let me tell you an experience I had last month on a crazy busy day.

As any good professional I keep up 2 lists of vendors.

On the first one, the Green list, I have all the vendors I worked in the past and we had a good to excellent experience. In the other list are the vendors from the dark side.   The ones that are rude, too complicated to deal, the unethical, the incompetents  & nonprofessionals.

I like to get all prospective buyers screened by the lender I trust(top of my green list) every time I get an offer on the properties I am selling but this agent sent me an offer and was very insistent.

-“This buyer is already qualified, I have a pre-approval letter. He has great credit. My loan officer checked it.”

Since the agent was not in the Black list, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and presented the offer with his lender’s pre-approval.

We did inspection, appraisal, everything seemed to be going fine but 2 days before closing after all loan periods have expired I got a phone call from the lender.

– “Hi, I forgot that the appraiser needed to go again to the house and we need an addendum signed. I just emailed it. Please return ASAP.”

OMG. I had appointments back to back I was away from the office and my seller was in Colorado.

My computer has an internet service that connects through the cellular network.

Fancy, ah?

Not much. I parked my car, and tried to open the document on my computer.

Connection was dead.  No signal. Caput. Miori is toasted.

No panic, I tough. –I just need a place to connect my computer to the Internet, there is a Starbucks close-by.

I get there and I try to connect.

-“Internet connection not available”, said my browser.

Long story short, I tried on 3 more places and I couldn’t connect.

I ended up sending the addendum through my phone on the small screen but I got it done and send the papers back to close on time.

It is amazing how much we depend on the Internet today.  On other times, maybe this would have required mailing the paper documents, signing and sending back and nobody would have thought in other way to do it. Closing delayed and that is it.

But now, we expect prompt response and we count in technology to speed up things and make more efficient processes.

But then,

  • Shouldn’t be the Internet a human right?

I don’t know, it would be nice.

What I know is that I am glad I have multiple devices to connect to the Internet. 🙂

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