I was a Jack of all trades

Crazy, running around town, answering all calls, and leaving whatever I was doing to start doing another thing.  I was under the impression that whatever business I could get was a good thing.   Remembering the old saying: “Every penny counts”, I convinced myself that if my licence allowed for it, I had to do it.

Residential Real Estate,  Commercial, including Medical, Office, Industrial, Land, Property Management.  All of that.

That was my philosophy for a good several years until I had a few experiences that got me thinking and forced me to reevaluate my strategy.

– What helped me change my game plan?

Several things. I analyzed and found out that I used most of my time showing homes for tenants and buyers and answering calls from Zillow advertising I was paying.

OMG, I still remember Zillow’s bill and how crazy I was when I found out they send the same contacts they sold to me to at least 3 other agents.

Long story short I decided to open my brokerage and focus on what I did best.  For all the rest I hired agents and organized them by specialty.

By doing that I was able to create consistency, get better by repetition, and created a documented approach for use and scale.

I was stubborn. Every book of business you can read will tell you:

Specialize, specialize, specialize.

But you know what?

Nothing beats your own experience.

So don’t take my word, be a Jack of all trades.

You will learn soon enough that it is not worth it.  Your time will be better spent if you just choose one or two things you do really well and repeat them everyday, many times.

Soon you will be the best of the best and you will thank me if you just take my word and specialize.

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