I am privileged.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet a lot of people. You learn from everyone.  Each person has  a story that is unique and our experiences define our character.  We were raised on different families, attended a variety of schools, lived on multiple countries.

Imagine extracting all the wisdom from each culture and family! Take the best of each and use it to your advantage.

I am privileged to share time with so many people.

But… there is something I don’t get it.

Yesterday, I was on a line waiting for my lunch and there were two young men in front of me.

-“You don’t know what happened to me?, I left the office 11pm yesterday, finishing a project”, said one.

-“That is nothing, said the other, I had to spend the weekend working and my son is sick”, said the other.

“Oh, mine too”, said the first one.

It was like a negativity and problem marathon.

I get it, sometimes you need a friend to discuss your problems, get advice or just feel accompanied.  But competing on pain & suffering? I don’t understand it.

You see, it is easy to judge.

A friend yesterday enlightened me with something his mom says: “Everyone’s family is fucked up. Just in a different way.”

But besides the negativity I am also privileged and grateful because I was able to travel all Latin America and experience a myriad of cultures during my life.

Brasil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico.  You name it.

Do you know where is the place in the image?

This is the “Cerro de los 7 colores” in Purmamarca, Jujuy, Argentina.  Yes, I have been there too.  A beautiful place, like many others in this amazing world.

I am privileged for having traveled so much.  I love it. I am thankful.

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