Human Connection

I learned story is the greatest tool to generate human connection.

My best memories are listening to Grandpa talking after Sunday lunch.

Some people think story is boring, many of my cousins left to play outside.

But I loved to stay and hear his stories.

He had one for every occasion.

Bar fights in South America countryside, crashing funerals to scare people, strange food allergies…

Seems he was not an easy young adult.

He had me convinced I shouldn’t eat the holes on the cookies because they were bad for my stomach. I eat all around the hole and left a small ring with the hole inside.

He had another interesting theory. According to him was based on true story: Nobody can finish a cup of booze with a spoon.

If you try, when you are half about it you will fall sleep from smelling it, he always affirmed.

I never did it nor seen anyone drinking booze with a spoon.

But for me his stories brought magic to my world.

Still today, I say to my kids some phrases he used to say.

Stories inspire. Stories bring you to the scene.

You feel like the protagonist.

You experience the pain and the joy.

Today, a friend wrote about a health problem he is having.

— “At times I was not even able to get in and out of bed. My wife was scared and frustrated. The feeling of helplessness, was creating a ton of stress on her. My kids, they were scared and sad. They knew daddy was in pain.”

I felt the connection instantly. In just a few words he described a situation I couldn’t bear and got me thinking.

What can I do to make sure my family ever have to deal with that?

I saw myself in the bed and wished him a speedy recovery.

That is the power of words.

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