How much is 100% of $0?

Easy math right?

Yet, it seems a lot of real estate agents don’t get it right.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for the money sucker no value brokerages.

Neither recommending learning how to pester people at one big brand brokerages.

I am talking about focus.

It doesn’t matter if their broker pays them 100% commission, if they don’t have time to take care of a real estate transaction.

May be because they have another job and do real estate on the side.

Or It can also be they are one of those “I do it all” people.

Every other transaction I found a Realtor that is also Insurance agent, healthcare agent, financial advisor and travel agent.

Oh, forgot Mary Kay sales consultant.

Or massage therapist…

And on the weekends they sell cars or drive an Uber.

No kidding. True story.

What amazes me is how they self sabotage themselves.

Their clients will never do a transaction again with them after experiencing the quality of service they get.

Some have no cure but others like my Transaction Engine Agents recognize they have limited time and focus on the key parts of the real estate business.

Once a contract is feed to the engine, they just sit back and wait for the check.

Or, they go get another client to fuel the transaction engine.

What is important here is to focus and deliver to the best of our abilities.

Whatever profession we choose, just give it 100%.

“Do it all” persons are almost always broke.

They live looking for the next license or job that will get them out of there.

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