Holiday Shopping…

If you are ever expecting a gift from me, you may be waiting for a long time.

I admit it. I am not good at giving or receiving gifts.

When I buy a gift, I want to make sure it will be useful to the person I am giving it.

You can count on me for anything you need. I am part of a helpful tribe.

My friends know we moved entire houses together,

or drove them anywhere they needed.

But just don’t expect a stupid expensive gift from me.

Expensive means nothing to me.

I hate buying Guess clothes unless they are 95% off.

They dress the same as any other brand.

Back when I was just married, one of my high school friends got married as well.

I gave them a potato peeler as a present. Everybody laughed.

The next time we met, they told me mine was the most useful gift they received.

One of the first nights at the new home they found themselves trying to do mashed potatoes.

Surprise, no potato peeler in the kitchen drawer!

Then, they remembered about my gift still unpacked.  It saved the night.

You have to admit, It was practical.

For receiving gifts I am also practical. I have the basics in my life.

Health, food, family, love.

This is why I don’t like people spending money on gifts that won’t serve a purpose.

If you want to make me a gift, you can buy me a book.

On my quest to become an Elite Storyteller, I have a long book wish list on Amazon.

However, there are other types of useful gifts.

The ones that inspire or provide experiences.

I have an extravagant thing  in my bucket list:

Learn to fly and get my private pilot’s license.

My wife gave me my first flying lesson as a birthday gift a last year.

It was a great gift to revive my passion for flying.

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