Fear Not My Child – Meaning for you

Did you ever hear the: Fear Not My Child. Phrase?

I said it many times to my children.  When they were afraid of the dark or when they were learning to ride the bike.

It was clear for me that they were safe, I was there to protect them. To hold them.

As an adult, I said it to myself sometimes.  — Fear Not My Child.

I am reserved but I cannot say I am shy. When I started writing my stories, hitting the “Publish” button was hard.

The fear of being judged ruled.  What would people will say about my stories?  Will they share my points of view?

After I published the Enough With the Stories https://miori.net/enough-with-the-stories/ post,  the overwhelming majority of the comments were encouraging.

Only one renegade at the Nextdoor app reported my stories.

I am almost certain it was “The Joker” —  from the  https://miori.net/smooth-ride-not/ story.

Anyway. I felt the inspiration to continue sharing my experiences, my successes and my failures.

Maybe it would help others to save the fall and grow faster.

Writing daily grows my ability to connect with myself, my family and the rest of the society.

Conquering this first fear encouraged me to face a new set of them….

Again to me: — Fear Not My Child.

I dissected all the lines of business lines in my company. Challenging each one. Establishing priorities, learning to say no.

Execute strategies with laser focus.

The storytelling journey was fun.  Even more because I shared it with many other fellow writers from the 90-day immersion #1 team.

From the group I learned through stories you can:

  • Lose weight
  • Grow a Business
  • Support Divorced Parents
  • Educate Entrepreneurs for a second chance.
  • Get fit.

And the most important thing? — Everyone has a story worth of sharing.


Fear Not My Child  and write yours!




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