Exercise. Again.

Last night, I decided to get back on track with my exercise.

7 minute workout app, started…

OMG, It was painful. Push ups, jumping jacks.

2 weeks ago, I did it without even noticing.

What happened?

2 weeks.

It is incredible how a few days of laziness can take a toll on you.

I started skipping one day, then 2, OK 3…until I got here.

No worries, will get back on track.

What I see here is a pattern. Habits and discipline.

At the beginning you will force yourself, one day, two, a week.

Second week, your body will get stronger.

Third week, your mind won’t resist you.

After that inertia will keep you going.

Yes, you may get stuck sometimes.

But you can always get back on the train.

I will.

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