Enough with the Stories!

If you didn’t notice already….

-Yes, I am writing stories every weekday for 3 weeks now.

The stories are part of 90 day immersion training for StoryTellers I am working on.

Since I started, I received all sort of feedback!

For example, Leslie said: “Love this!!” to my HOA Meeting Experience story.

Jorge commented on my  Secret Ingredient Post-“You are right, Corporate comes with a false of security as you can be replaced and let go in a heartbeat.”

But, not everyone liked the stories.  Many close friends requested

-“Please stop sending those emails.”

And it is fine, I am not writing to be praised.

I write to share my experiences with the purpose of connecting with whomever can take advantage of them.

Anyone that is open to listen.

May be young adults, my kids and other mid-life entrepreneurs that can learn from my mistakes and feel empowerment.

Three weeks into the program I feel the progress.

Writing my first story was a pain. Looking at the white empty screen and the cursor blinking

-“Nothing comes to mind.”

Then I relaxed and I started thinking about my experience, How did I overcome a difficult situation and wrote about limiting beliefs.

Could You do It? Deal with your limiting beliefs

And someone was listening.

Joanie responded: “This is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. Thank you for sharing!”

She commented on the thread, but I am positive many other people may have read my experience learn something positive from it.

This is the impact I am trying to make, to the silent readers, to the hidden entrepreneurs.




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