Don’t think if you don’t have to.

This morning woke up early to connect again with my stories.  After doing some recap on what I have written, I noticed, I haven’t done much exercise for a while. Because I never give up, I started the day with my 20 push-ups. Honestly  I was surprised. After a few weeks off, I could still finish them. But here I am, back in the trenches.

My son’s soccer coach would say: -“We will do drills until you do it without thinking”. His goal is the players to know at all times, where their teammates are. And more importantly,  where they will be next.

One of my favorite parts of the practices are after the drills.  When they play a mini-game.

You see, how the simplicity of those drills get applied to game situations.

Because of the practice, they move fast.  They pass the ball exactly where the other player is arriving.

Exactly where the opponent will never expect it. There is power in the repetition of simple things. They turn into habits.

This is what I am striving. To develop healthy habits for my body and my business.   Daily exercise, study all possible business situations, combined with writing to grow and inspire my helpful tribe.

Rinse and repeat until it becomes a reflex.

Later on, like most elite players they use their intelligence to adapt.  To execute the right heavily practiced move when needed. No hesitation. No second guessing.

Some people believe great players are just born great but to get to this level, all athletes (No different from us) need to put the work and practice.

You will get to a point, when you see a situation, and you just  know what to do without thinking.

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